2010 Oslo Crows season summary

Oslo v Karlstad

Oslo v Karlstad

So that is that. Four very different matches and one international behind us, season 2010 is consigned to the record books.
Here are some of my thougts.

– Two wins against Karlstad (the first was a regulation win on a pretty awful day for footy in Oslo, the second being some of the best footy we played all year)
– A valiant loss to a strong Goteborg team in Goteborg. A loss, but one that showed character
– A very competitive game in Oslo against Goteborg in early September. Could so easily have been a win. A huge improvement on our first effort against them.
– A hard fought win for Norway over Finland (and a top weekend in Helsinki too)

Two wins, two losses for Oslo. With a bit of luck we would have been 3-1.

At the last game in Oslo we had
– Proper goal posts
– A scoreboard, timekeeping equipment and a siren
– A scorer, a timekeeper and a trainer
– A decent playing surface
– Some shelter for spectators
– Some spectators!
– Three team footies for training and matches
– Awesome Adelaide Crows jumpers with numbers and Norwegian flags on them

If you compare that to what we had, the year was a great success. We had some good games, an international, new players like Tobias, Christian, Tommy, Thomas, Adrian, Flygg and more learn the game. We had a Danish international come and play with us. There were a lot of positives.

Much of the hard work was put into the basics. Next season the groundwork is done, and we just need to work on recruitment, so we can get more guys discovering and playing this great game. It shouldn’t be that hard to have two teams in Oslo, and that should be our aim.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed. The players, the guys who trained, the guys played when they could like Amund and Swanny, Nicko for playing on his dodgy ankle, Erik Svela for getting better each time he played, the guys who played for Norway (internationals!), people who brought friends to training with them, contributed their time, money and effort because they wanted this to get off the ground. Special mention to Tommy for putting his body on the line for the team in Goteborg.

HUGE thanks to Anette for her professionalism and dedication as our trainer.

Football is a team game, and the whole point is to have some fun running around with your mates. I had fun this year, and on Saturday I remembered how good it feels when everything is going your way and you’re getting your hands on the footy and helping your team have a big win.

Let’s all get to the Grand Final on 25 Sept, and then have a big dinner in a few weeks to celebrate our season.

Well done to you all, and see you soon



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