Crows 2011

Erik getting his kick away against Karlstad

Erik getting his kick away against Karlstad

Greetings and happy new year to you all

The Oslo Crows management team has been a little quiet with this page, so you are probably wondering what is going on..
Will there be a team in 2011?
Who will we play against?
When does training start?
Will the season be timed to miss the freezing Oslo/Swedish weather?

Here are a few answers to those questions, and some other updates.

Season 2011 planning is underway. We have been in contact with the teams in Karlstad in Goteborg to discuss a repeat of last year’s successful tri-series of matches.

There WILL be at least one international in 2011, and it is likely to be another away game.

Training will start once the snow clears, and will mostly be held at Voldslokka. We are looking at securing a good indoor venue for a few wintertime kick arounds.

We are also thinking our end of season get together that never happened should be a pre-season get together. We’ll send an invite out soon for a dinner/beers night where we can discuss what we all are looking to get out of our footy this year. It’s been too long!

Finally, we have some great additions to our stash of footies and gear for 2011. Roxby visited the Adelaide Crows when he was in Aus and has absolutely delivered the goods – a set of 37 actual training jumpers actually worn this pre season by the Adelaide team. They are mean and green, and they are ours. He also snagged some great training balls.

When I was in Melbourne I picked up some beautiful Kangaroo Brand Sherrins for game days, some indoor footies and another training footy.

It is literally going to be raining footballs at training this year!

So until we see you at the pre season bash, get out on those langrenn skis and get your fitness going. It’s going to be a big year!


PS Post any questions, ideas and comments on the Crows facebook page

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