AFL season starts in 10 days – go the Adelaide Crows..?

It has been many months, but finally it has arrived. There is now only 10 days until AFL season 2011 starts. For those of you new to the game, the AFL (Australian Football League) is the national league of football in Australia, and the best Australian Football league in the world.

Teams from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Fremantle compete over the six month season each winter, with the top eight playing off in the finals series in September, and the games attract huge TV audiences and crowds. In fact, the average crowd at an AFL game is over 40,000 people, which is the third highest average of any sports league in the world (NFL is first, Bundesliga second, English Premier League fourth)

Most people support the team their dad supported, or the team they grew up with. For me that is Hawthorn, although technically I went for Melbourne until I was six.

Adelaide Crows logo

Adelaide Crows logo

The team people love to hate is Collingwood, even though they have turned into a very good team and won the premiership last year for the first time since 1990. But if any non-Aussies out there are wondering which team to support, you have to go with the Adelaide Crows. They are a successful club that has won two premierships and has a big fan base. They are also responsible for the shirts (also known as jumpers or guernseys) we play and train in.

They are generous to us and they are our big brother club, so if you don’t have a team, get behind the Crows!

Eurosport 2 will be showing some games live this year, and you are also able to live stream any game via for about 30 nok per game.

Another great way to get involved is to play fantasy football (Dream Team and SuperCoach are the two big fantasy leagues). There is an Oslo Crows league for both, so go to our facebook page for the links. Join in – you can autopick a team and see how it goes each week!

Throughout the year, keep up with the AFL via and the Adelaide Crows at

Australsk Football, it’s good to have you back in our lives!

– Stoney

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