Oslo Crows beat Ås Battlers 90-73 in big Oslo AFL showdown

Oslo Crows v Ås Battlers AFL

The Oslo Crows have prevailed by 17 points in the showdown between the two top teams in Norwegian AFL. The Ås Battlers, led by captain/coach Adam O'Toole, came to Ekeberg looking for their first win against the Crows, and featured some familiar faces such as former Norwegian national team member Arne Roseth. The blustery, rainy conditions were a test of commitment for all players - so it was great to see not only a decent sized playing group show up, but also some spectators and of course our fantastic trainer Anette. The Crows had a few more players so an agreement was formed that sent Stoney, Adam and Todd across to be 'Battlers for the day'. Matched against a strong Oslo … [Read more...]

Two games, two wins. AFL Sweden West, Round 1

Oslo Crows May 2011

(Update - photos are now up on flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/oslocrows/ ) Last year when the Oslo Crows travelled to Goteborg, the team was undermanned and outmatched, going down by a sizeable margin. Had the Beserkers kicked straight it would have been a 10-12 goal difference. The Oslo team played with heart, but was just not at the same standard that day. This year, in the first round of AFL Sweden West, it was a different story, and for the first time ever a team from Oslo beat a team from Goteborg – on their home ground. It took us a while to find Goteborg’s brand new ground, but 14 of us (almost 15 – next time Zack!) eventually got there in time to watch the end of … [Read more...]