Crows written up in Ostkantavisa

Oslo Crows Australsk Fotball AFL Norge

Some great work by Andy resulted in local newspaper Ostkantavisa coming up to watch the game last week. The journalist was very interested, taking lots of photos and interviewing several players. The result was a great story that will really help expose the game to some new people. Top work Andy! PS I hope you got a free kick for that tackle Roxby. Clearly too high! … [Read more...]

Another victory for the Oslo Crows

Another victory for Oslo Crows! By Andreas Kristoffer Berge Saturday we was supposed to have a 3-match clash against the Swedish teams Gøteborg Berserkers and Karlstad Eagles in our big home game in the AFL Swedish West league, but unfortunately Karlstad had to pull out in the last minute so it ended up to be a big game between Oslo and Gøteborg! We were wishing for great weather to the game and the day before it was pouring rain the whole day, but happily the rain never showed up on Saturday so we got really good conditions for the game. It was probably around 15 degrees, no wind and some sun shining through the clouds a couple of times! The Oslo Crows had won both games in the … [Read more...]