Another victory for the Oslo Crows

Another victory for Oslo Crows!
By Andreas Kristoffer Berge

Saturday we was supposed to have a 3-match clash against the Swedish teams Gøteborg Berserkers and Karlstad Eagles in our big home game in the AFL Swedish West league, but unfortunately Karlstad had to pull out in the last minute so it ended up to be a big game between Oslo and Gøteborg!

We were wishing for great weather to the game and the day before it was pouring rain the whole day, but happily the rain never showed up on Saturday so we got really good conditions for the game. It was probably around 15 degrees, no wind and some sun shining through the clouds a couple of times!

The Oslo Crows had won both games in the first round of the league a few weeks ago in Gøteborg. Now the Berserkers really wanted revenge on this, but it was going to be hard for them.

Oslo got the worst possible start to the game when the Swedes scored after just a couple of seconds. After a shaky start the Crows pulled it together and scored a couple of goals and were leading after the first quarter.

After the great end to the first the Crows never looked back and continued with their great play, increasing their lead into half time!

In the third and fourth quarter The Berserkers really wanted to get closer and they started to get tougher at the duels and got a couple of goals in a row before the Crows got back and took home the victory with 98 to 60.

It was a really tough game and the Norwegian Crows players really got the feeling of the real Australian game. There were a lot of hard duels and a couple of us got some small injuries. Our Danish machine Rene however is an experienced footy-player and is used to the hard duels. He ran, scored goals and played really good throughout the game. He is also gonna play in the International Cup for the Danish national team in Australia later this year!

The mentality in our team was tremendous and all the players played with their heart for the club. Some didn’t even stop until they bled for the jersey.
This was a strong result for The Crows after a really tough game. That’s the second time The Crows have won against The Berserkers in a row and were still undefeated in the 2011 season.

Special mention to our newest Norwegian Kim Andre, who had his first practise with us on Thursday and came up to have a kick as well. Unfortunately he got injured early on and had to sit out much of the game, but we were all impressed that he tried to get back on the field for the last quarter.

The local newspaper in Oslo came up after a tip from Andy and the journalist was really interested in the game. He followed the game and took a lot of pictures before he after the game interviewed a couple of us (Andy, Luddy, Adam and Roxby).

It’s good to get some publicity so we hopefully can recruit some new members as well!


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