Oslo’s Danish machine is heading to the AFL International Cup

Oslo’s own midfield dynamo Rene Damborg Jensen doesn’t just star for the Crows, he also plays for Denmark.

Four years ago he was part of their national team that played in the International Cup in Melbourne and Sydney against countries from all over the world, and this year, he has been selected again.

Congrats and good luck to Rene in the tournament. It’s a really exciting opportunity for international Australian footballers to play in a large scale tournament against other countries, at the home of football. The finals of the tournament are played on the MCG before big AFL games, which is pretty damn cool as well. Let’s hope the Danes get there and Rene gets to play on the greatest football ground in the world.

Rene in action for the Oslo Crows

Rene in action for the Oslo Crows

At the next International Cup we have strong hopes to have a team representing Norway for the first time ever. So bring your Norwegian mates to training – getting more of them into our great game is the ticket to tournaments like the International Cup!

Links –

Danish International Cup squad

AFL.com.au – The International Cup



  1. As you can see from the pic, he can just as good on his left foot as his right!!! Go Rene! Kick some butt!

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