Team for Iceland v Norway announced!

Midfield superstar and AFL Norge board member Adam Pearce has announced the squad for the huge international friendly between Iceland and the mighty Norway Trolls on September 10. His note to the team is below…If you are playing, read the instructions on providing flight info to Adam…
It’s not too late for Norwegian-born players to join in. Tell us ASAP if you want to join!
Here is Adam’s note!
Hello all,
Just some latest info about Iceland….
I think we have pretty much finalised the numbers for Iceland (apart from Anette who is still sorting out with work if she can make it or not)…
1. Nathan Roxby
2. David Stone
3. Adam Pearce
4. Rene Damborg Jensen
5. Andreas Kristoffer Berge
6. Amund Lundesgaard
7. Arne Roseth
8. Tobias Limseth
9. Malcolm Langford
10. Fridtjof Denneche
11. Adam O’Toole
12. Trevor Neill
13. Brett Taylor
14. Kurt Jansen
15. Damian Cosson
16. Todd Dunn
17. Dave Brightbard
18. Ludvig Hedberg
19. Henrik from Golden Goal
The Match:
The game between the Noway Trolls and the Iceland Ravens will be at 1pm on Saturday 10th Sept. The ground location isn’t finalised yet but they are trying to get a ground at
Fagrilundur HK-svæði

Fagrilundur við Furugrund

200 Kopavogur, Iceland

Furugrund 1, 200 Kópavogur
Its about an hours walk from the hotel so its best if we take public transport as follows…
The bus leaving at 11.09am will get us there a bit over an hour before the game which will give us enough time to warm up etc. Keep in mind its a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel to the bus stop as well.
I have only included these links for your own information but obviously if we all meet in the hotel foyer at 10:30am on Saturday morning, we can all just go together. So you don’t need to print them out.  Hopefully it won’t be too late a night for most of us on Friday night so we’re fresh and ready for the big game;-)
Fritz from the Iceland team is keen to get the national anthems going before the game. So for all you Aussie guys, you’d better start learning “Ja, Vi elsker dette landet” hehe.
It will be a 16-a-side game and as Ben McCormack (Gen Manager AFL Europe) will be flying over from London for the game as well, he will be umpiring.
As you probably know, Henrik from Golden Goal will play with us and they will be filming a segment for the show. This will be great for Aussie footy in Norway as it will obviously give us a lot more exposure and hopefully more interested local players.
Henrik will train with us on Thursday 1st Sept and they may even bring a camera to training that day as well. Hopefully he can make it to training another day as well.
Can everybody let me know when they are arriving into Iceland? And when yr leaving as well.
I think everybody is sorted for a room at the Leifur Erikkson but if not, let us know and we’ll see what can be done.
Also can you please let me know if you are staying at a different hotel?
Its important we all try and get to training from now.
There’s only a few sessions left so make sure you get to them if you don’t wanna be too scratchy when it comes to the game day.
Thu 18th August – 5.30pm
Thu 25th August – 5.30pm
Thu 1st Sept – 5.30pm
Tuesday 6th Sept – 5.30pm
As many of us will leaving for Iceland on Thursday, no official training will be on that day however those leaving on Friday can obviously still have a kick around if they wish.
I know Trevor who lives up near Namsos can’t make it to training in Oslo obviously but i hear he’s been doing a bit of training himself. Great stuff Trev!
Also keep an eye out for some extra fitness/cross training sessions. With my new bub, I don’t have a lot of extra time for these sessions but I know Rox and Stoney were keen to do some.
Warm up game:
Unfortunately we didn’t get to have the game with Ås on the 6th August but the game on the 27th August has been brought forward a week to this Saturday!!!
It’s at Ekeberg as usual at 1pm and Adam is trying to rack up a few of the Ås boys.
Its at the normal location near Ekeberg camping but if, for whatever reason, there is something from stopping us from playing there, just walk up to the rugby oval near Ekeberg Hallen.
It’ll be a great opportunity to sharpen up the skills before Iceland.
I think its gonna be touch and go if we have some national jerseys ready for the game. Just waiting for finalising of sponsorship from Tobias’s company, G4S but if they approve and we can get them produced and delivered in time, we are gonna look the goods! If not, we’ll we’re the normal Crows jerseys.
Remember to bring dark blue shorts (preferably navy blue) and some red football socks. We’re gonna be on TV remember so let’s all try and look the same.

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