AFL Sweden West Premiers 2011!

A comprehensive victory over the Karlstad Eagles and a walkover against Goteborg has delivered the Oslo Crows its first Premiership – the 2011 AFL Sweden West league.

The third ‘three-way’ fixture between the teams became a game between two, as Goteborg didn’t make the trip, thus forfeiting their two games. It was a shame on several levels – firstly it would have been great for Oslo and Karlstad to get an extra game each, and secondly the Oslo v Goteborg fixture would have been a ‘winner takes the premiership’ encounter.

Irrespective, Karlstad turned on a great day of football, starting with perfect sunny weather and a typically excellent Karlstad rugby pitch to play on. The facilities certainly give us something to aspire to.

The game was lopsided. The final score was a mildly astonishing 200-25 result, but the extent of the margin was a surprise to everyone. Yes Oslo had the Eagles’ measure, and always looked the likely winner, but in a game that was genuinely even for small periods of time, a margin like that doesn’t reflect the competitiveness of the contest. Case in point – the second quarter was dominated in large patches by Karlstad, who held Oslo to three goals for the period while adding one of their own.

There were winners all over the park for the Crows, and it was heartening to see how well the Norwegian contingent played – Simon, Eivind, Amund and Andy (sorry Luddy, you don’t count J ) showed the skill and composure of players who have been in the game for some time.

The usual suspects Roxby, O’Toole, Stone and Pearce were decisive, and the number of Australians (consider we also had strong games from Trev, the Doc, the Brett factor) made Karlstad’s assignment very difficult. Future fixtures will likely see a cap or quota system to help reduce this imbalance.

Final scores were 29.26.200 to 2.13.25

Best players – everyone

I’ll save the player review for the end of season summary!

Well played to everyone, particualry the newer players. Thanks to the umpires and our Karlstad opponents.

If you understand Swedish, here is the local newspaper’s take on the action –



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