Watching the 2012 AFL season in Norway

The NAB Cup is nearly over (thank god) and the 2012 Toyota AFL Premiership season is only weeks away.

Living in Norway makes it harder to follow the action live, as TV coverage is unreliable. We expect Eurosport 2 to continue its sporadic coverage of the season, which usually entails one live game per week (the Friday night or Saturday night fixture usually).

There only reliable, legal way to watch any AFL game you want live in Norway is with the official streaming service of the AFL –

The quality of the streaming has improved exponentially over the last two seasons, and last season there was a reliable, high quality SD stream of every game that looked perfect on a 15 inch screen and even blew up to an acceptable level on a 42 inch 720p screen. No ads, no buffering on the average Norwegian broadband connection, no voice over commentary – you get the actual feed from Channel 7, Fox or whoever is doing that game. Full replays are available on the site too, although I don’t have experience watching those. I assume they are of good quality.

The only catch is the time difference. Watching games live usually requires a 6am start!

Australsk Fotball Norge (and by extension the Oslo Crows) is an associate member of AFL Europe, and through that relationship, the AFL is providing a small amount of revenue back to Australsk Fotball Norge from any traffic and subscriptions to the streaming service that come from our sites.

Honestly, I would be recommending the site irrespective. I watched 17 games on it last year and it was fantastic. Absolutely worth the money in my experience.

So if you were considering signing up anyway, go through our link (below) and a few of your pennies will end up coming back to Australian football in Norway.



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