EVERYTHING you need to know about season 2012

This year Australsk Fotball Norge and the Oslo Crows aim to grow the game of Australian football in Oslo and Norway, and introduce as many Norwegians as possible to the great game of Australsk fotball.

Current styret: Adam Pearce (mob 46 93 53 18)
David Stone (mob 99 27 10 11)

Location: Top of Voldsløkka Park. Near Badebakken bus stop and the beach volleyball courts.
Time: Thursdays: 5pm for skills/learning; 5.30pm training begins.
What to bring: Football boots, water, mouthguard. We have a set of green jerseys we usually hand out to everybody to wear. Please make sure you hand them back after the session.
Format of training: Drills, skills, fitness and then finish with a mini game.

Kenguru Cup
• The Kenguru Cup is a new Thursday night 9-a-side competition between Oslo West & Oslo East & Ås. The competition will run over 6 different nights over the summer with 3 mini games played between the 3 teams on each night.
• Oslo West & Oslo East will be made up from the current Oslo Crows players. Those living on the west of Akerselva will play for Oslo West and those loving on the East of Akerselva will play for Oslo East. Anyone living in the Ski/Ås area will obviously play for Ås.
• Oslo West will wear the Oslo Crows jerseys, Oslo East to either wear the spare set of West Coast Eagles jerseys we have or the green training jerseys. Ås have their own set of jerseys.

Kenguru Cup Game times

o Game 1 for e.g. Oslo East v Oslo West – 5.30pm
o Game 2 (for e.g. Oslo East v Ås) – 6.15pm
o Game 3 (for e.g. Oslo West v Ås) – 7pm

Kenguru Cup Coaches
o Oslo West – David Stone
o Oslo East – Adam Pearce
o Ås Battlers – Adam O’Toole


Thu 10 May Kenguru Cup – Ekeberg
Sat 19 May AFL Sweden West – Oslo
Thu 31 May Kenguru Cup – Ekeberg

Sat 2 June Swedish Open – Norrtälje, Sweden
Thu 21 June Kenguru Cup – Ås
Sat 30 June AFL Sweden West – Karlstad

Thu 2 Aug Kenguru Cup – Ekeberg
Thu 23 Aug Kenguru Cup – Ås

Sat 8 Sep AFL Sweden West – Gøteborg
Thu 13 Sep Kenguru Cup – Ekeberg
Sat 22 Sep AFL Euro Cup – Edinburgh, Scotland
Sat 29 Sep AFL Grand Final party

Euro Cup

This is the biggest goal for the year. To field a fully Norwegian (or mostly Norwegian) team to play in the Euro Cup in September. It will be a first for Norway to enter a team so don’t miss out all you Noggies!!! There should be a place for all Norwegians wanting to go so lock it in your calendar now!! As it will be our first time at the tournament, we will be allowed to field one or 2 Aussies.

Sweden West League

Apart from the Kanguru Cup, we will also be aiming to defend our Sweden West League Premiership from last year. The West Sweden League comprises

• Oslo Crows
• Gøteborg Berserkers
• Karlstad Eagles
Although there are only 3 dates for the Sweden West League, all 3 teams come to play each other on the one day in the same city. Therefore each team will play 6 games in total. N.B. All players in Norway (including Ås) are welcome to play in these games.

A new rule will be introduced into the Sweden West League this year where only 4 Aussies are allowed on the field at any one time. This means we need as many Norwegians and non Aussies as possible to play these games!!! And that means the Aussies will have to rotate regularly if there are many.

Injury Help/Skadehjelp
We are very grateful to have Anette Smith again as our trainer (medisinsk ansvarlig) this year. Anette is very knowledgable with all injuries and preventative taping so please make use of knowledge. She will be at most trainings and games.

For the first time, we will be introducing a fee for players in Oslo this year. This is mainly due to the same few people using their own money to cover the costs for equipment and other overheads for the team.
With this money we will have the ability to purchase extra equipment like balls and posts, food and drink for bbq’s etc as well as have a cashflow for things like uniforms, team awards, club fees in Norway and internet costs. We will also be able to provide our trainer (medisinsk ansvarlig), Anette, with some financial support especially for strapping (taping) materials and water bottles.
This fee will be 300NOK for the year and must be paid before the first Kenguru Cup night on Thursday the 3rd May. If it is not paid, you will not be permitted to play in the Kenguru Cup, Sweden West League or play in the Euro Cup.

Anette Smith will be responsible for policing this so watch out if you haven’t paid up!!! She bites!!!
Details: 300 NOK
Account name: Oslo Crows Australsk Fotball
Account number: 97224571139
N.B. Be sure to write your name and something like “yearly fee Oslo Australsk Fotball” in the remarks

Like last year, we will be holding the AFL Grand Final Party at the Dubliner on the 29th September. It’s a great day to enjoy a few drinks, eat some quality meat pies and watch the biggest game of the year, not to mention raise a few NOK for the team. Lock this date in your calendar!!!! It’s a great day.
If anyone has any ideas for other functions/parties and would like to help with arranging them, pleased let us know.

AFL Norge is seeking sponsors. This is either as a general sponsor for the team or as a one off sponsor for providing a set of jerseys.
If we are to field a team for the Euro Cup in September we need a set of Norwegian national jerseys. We have a quote from a reputable manufacturer in Australia and they will cost around 15000NOK which includes shorts as well.

The sponsor logo can be put on the jersey and shorts (G4S has been used an example here).
If you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring us, please contact Adam (46 93 53 18) or on oslocrowsfc@gmail.com.


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