Nice post Andreas! … [Read more...]

Ditt Oslo promoting australsk football

Overlooked in the excitement of the games last Thursday was the great job by Andre to get a journalist to show up, and then give a good interview. We always like good, free publicity :) Read the article … [Read more...]

West wins put East above Ås

Kenguru Cup Round 4 2012

(View the full gallery of match pics at ) The 2012 Kenguru Cup has been almost within Ås's grasp since round two. The pattern had been set. Ås beat Oslo West, Oslo East beat Oslo West, and Ås often beat East. Tonight, that pattern changed, smashing the race for the coveted cup wide open. West, strengthened by the return of Morten Aulund, Ben Marks and the irrepressible Damien Cosson, were a different team. Thanks to the generosity of Ås (kudos for the good sportsmanship), West played with some loaned players and a full interchange bench for the first time. Full of new talent, bravado and run, the West skillfully carved both East and Ås, although their trademark … [Read more...]

The jersey. The shorts.

AFL Norge

Together at last, the samples of the jersey and shorts our national team will wear in the Euro Cup... Click the image to open and zoom in for a good look. … [Read more...]