Good luck Rene

Rene Damborg Jensen Oslo Crows AFL

Oslo West midfield dynamo Rene Damborg Jensen will line up for the Europe allstars in London next Saturday against the best players from England and Ireland. The game is being played at the Oval, a famous cricket ground, in front of an expected crowd of 12,000-18,000 people. After his game, AFL teams Port Adelaide and Western Bulldogs are playing an exhibition game for the large AFL fanbase that calls London home. Congratulations to Rene for being recognised for his fantastic play at the Euro Cup. His squad features players from Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Iceland, Finland and more. If you're in London next weekend, go and check it out. The game starts at 1300, and … [Read more...]

En fantastisk sesong

Sesongen startet med et brak og tidenes første norske liga i australsk fotball. Nemlig Kenguru Cup. Ligaen bestod av tre lag, Ås, Oslo East og Oslo West. Ås tok fort føringen i serien med to strake seire i første runde, og holdt statistikken sin gående med to nye seire i andre runde. På den andre siden av tabellen derimot hadde vi Oslo West som slet med uttellingen og tapte sine fire første. I den tredje runden skulle Ås sitt første tap komme, og det på eget gress. Etter først å ha slått Oslo West nok en gang, måtte de kapitulere mot Oslo East. Hele 91-20 endte det i favør Oslo-gutta. … [Read more...]

The story of the plate

World Footy News has written up Norway's first ever trip to the Euro Cup. It's an interesting read about how far we have managed to take Australian football in a short time, culminating in our fantastic plate victory in our first ever international tournament. Good publicity like this is good for us, so don't be afraid to share it  around! In other news, we will hold an end of season Annual General Meeting in the coming weeks. If you have input or suggestions, or if you would like to come to the meeting, get in touch with Adam or Stoney.   … [Read more...]