Good luck Rene

Rene Damborg Jensen Oslo Crows AFL

Rene playing for Norway in 2011 against Iceland

Oslo West midfield dynamo Rene Damborg Jensen will line up for the Europe allstars in London next Saturday against the best players from England and Ireland.

The game is being played at the Oval, a famous cricket ground, in front of an expected crowd of 12,000-18,000 people. After his game, AFL teams Port Adelaide and Western Bulldogs are playing an exhibition game for the large AFL fanbase that calls London home.

Congratulations to Rene for being recognised for his fantastic play at the Euro Cup. His squad features players from Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Iceland, Finland and more.

If you’re in London next weekend, go and check it out. The game starts at 1300, and tickets are only 20 pounds. They can be bought through the official website of the Oval (

We hope the AFL continue to put on games in our part of the world, and give opportunities for our best players to be picked for representative teams.


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