World Footy News reports on Kenguru Cup

Wesley Hull at World Football News is an amazing supporter of Australian Football around the world. He has following our progress for some time, and he wrote up our first Kenguru Cup for World Football News. Thanks Wesley! … [Read more...]

Kenguru Cup Round 1

One win each for all three teams in round one of Kenguru Cup. Full report to follow.... Game 1. Oslo East vs Ås Oslo East 2. 5. 17 Ås 4. 4. 28 Goals: East - Nathan Roxby, Andrew Porch Ås - Matt Baranski, John Debenham, unknown (2) Game 2. Ås vs Oslo West  Ås 1. 4. 10 Oslo West 2. 7. 19 Goals: Ås - John Debenham. West - Ben Marks, Tobias Limseth Game 3. Oslo West vs Oslo East Oslo West 3. 2. 20 Oslo East 4. 0. 24 Goal kickers: West - Jonas Spiris, Chris Fok, Matt Stirling. East - Tor Ivar Amundsen, Simen, Nathan Roxby, Adam Pearce … [Read more...]

Training May 2

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