Our Swedish Cup story

By Tor Ivar Amundsen The Crows came into this tournament with lots of spirit and high hopes to do better than last year. As many remember, last year the Stockholm weather showed us the worst June day since 1904 and they cancelled the tournament after 3 games. That day the Crows lost 2 and won the last. This year we had perfect conditions, sunny and only a light wind that didn't have any impact on the play. The Crows lineup was a mixed team assembled by Oslo Crows, Ås Battlers and Bergen Bears, and it had never played a game as one team before which made us a little uncertain on what we could expect of ourselves. We started our first game against Södermalm which everyone had as … [Read more...]

We’re off to the Swedish Open

Our club is heading over to play in the club championships of Sweden, the Swedish Open, this June. After our successful debut last year (in horrible conditions, let's hope the weather gods are kinder this year), we have fielded a 12 man squad for the tournament, which will be held in Jønkøping. A combined Oslo/Ås team, with one player from the newest club in Norway - the Bergen Bears - will take on the Swedes to see how competitive we really are. The team Tor Ivar Amundsen (captain) Adam O'Toole (playing coach) Erik Bjureus Rene Damborg Jensen Matt Stirling Hardy Hardsome Klas Alexander Harris Jonas Spiris Andre Halse Klaffmo Maron Fife Shebokshi Raymond Bannister John … [Read more...]

Norway team selected for Euro Cup

AFL Euro Cup 2013

The squad for the 2013 AFL Europe Axios Euro Cup has been selected. Congratulations to everyone that has been chosen to represent Norway! To those that weren't included, thank you for continuing to make australsk fotball a bigger and better sport in Norway. Remember, there are LOTS of great opportunities to play good football in addition to this tournament. The squad: 1. Anders Thømt 2. Andreas Kristoffer Berge 3. Andre Halse Klaffmo 4. Alexander Watne 5. Atle Mengshoel Brevik 6. Brage Blomdal 7. Eivind Myrvold 8. Just Andre Michaelsen 9. Kim Orderud 10. Klas Alexander Harris 11. Lars Konrad Hansen 12. Ludvig Hedberg 13. Marius Wold 14. Tobias Dalgaard Limseth 15. Tor Ivar … [Read more...]

Oslo-seier i historisk aften

For første gang i Norge, ble det spilt en australsk fotballkamp uten australske spillere på banen. … [Read more...]