Norway team selected for Euro Cup

AFL Euro Cup 2013The squad for the 2013 AFL Europe Axios Euro Cup has been selected. Congratulations to everyone that has been chosen to represent Norway! To those that weren’t included, thank you for continuing to make australsk fotball a bigger and better sport in Norway. Remember, there are LOTS of great opportunities to play good football in addition to this tournament.

The squad:
1. Anders Thømt
2. Andreas Kristoffer Berge
3. Andre Halse Klaffmo
4. Alexander Watne
5. Atle Mengshoel Brevik
6. Brage Blomdal
7. Eivind Myrvold
8. Just Andre Michaelsen
9. Kim Orderud
10. Klas Alexander Harris
11. Lars Konrad Hansen
12. Ludvig Hedberg
13. Marius Wold
14. Tobias Dalgaard Limseth
15. Tor Ivar Amundsen
16. Samson Langfeldt

(Emergencies have been selected, and will be announced if/when needed)


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