Ås dominates Kenguru Cup Round 2

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The UMBI Ås Battlers have shot to the top of the Kenguru Cup table after two emphatic wins in the second round of the Kenguru Cup. The Battlers sit one game clear on top of the ladder after putting both Oslo East and Oslo West to the sword at Storebrand stadion.

Heavy rain the day before the matches didn’t disturb the playing surface  – in fact the rain took the hardness out of the ground –  creating perfect conditions for australsk fotball.

The first match of the night saw Ås do battle with Oslo East, but as far as battles go, this one was over early. After a goal each to start proceedings, the home team piled on one six pointer after another, in a burst that put the game out of reach. East had no answer as Ås produced quality football out of the midfield, and the forwards converted well. Eivind Myrvold, Anders Thømt and Oliver Tomic were all strong for the Battlers, and Samson Langfelt and Maron Fife Shebokshi showed   much improvement in their play.

East’s dynamic duo Adam Pearce and Nathan Roxby battled hard, and were ably supported by Brage Blomdal. In the end they were undersized and undermanned as Ås ran away with the victory by 22 points, 10. 5. 65 to 5. 3. 33.

Oslo West must have fancied its chances against the deflated east-siders after witenessing Ås’ victory from the sidelines. West had their largest squad in some time, and even loaned a player to East to help them with rotations. With size and freshness on their side, the odds appeared with West. And then the game started.

East’s hurt pride and West’s general flatness turned the first half into a no-contest. West were timid, indecisive and down on skills. East dominated large stretches of play, and never looked like losing. West managed two late goals but it was a game they’d rather forget, particularly the first half.

Final score Oslo East 6. 4. 40 v Oslo West 2. 6. 18

Again, Brage Blomdal impressed for the East squad. Just Andre Michaelsen was beginning to become a factor, but sustained a shoulder injury that ended his day. West had an even spread of contributors, and their second half gave some hope for a stronger showing against Ås.

The third game was the tightest of the lot, and arguably the best contest. West’s stronger second half translated into a much improved workrate in the early going against Ås, and while they were not matching Ås goal for goal, they had enough of the football to suggest they could mount a challenge. A late first half goal put them within touching distance.

Pleasingly for coach David Stone, West’s improved effort started to turn into actual scoreboard results after the halftime break. The contest lifted in intensity and the desparate West squad pulled within six points with five minutes to play. But Ås, as they had done all night, rose to the challenge. A quick goal from a ball-up in their goal square and a second one minute later extinguished the West fire, and ensured Ås would finish the night unbeaten, and the round on top of the ladder.

Final score Oslo West 4. 4. 28 v Ås 7. 4. 46

So after two rounds it is Ås alone on top of the ladder. Round two of Kenguru Cup showed just how far the non-Australian players have progressed. There was a definite skill level and tactical improvement across all three teams. The standard of football can’t be compared to the early games of just a few years ago. Thanks to the supporters and umpires from the night.

Round three has been moved to Ås for booking/scheduling reasons. It’s do or die for all three teams!
God sommer!

Kenguru Cup Round 2

Game 1: Ås 10. 5. 65 v Oslo East 5. 3. 33
Game 2: Oslo East 6. 4. 40 v Oslo West 2. 6. 18
Game 3: Oslo West 4. 4. 28 v Ås 7. 4. 46

And the ladder…
Team Played Win Loss Draw For Against % Pts
Ås 4 3 1 0 149 97 153.60 12
East 4 2 2 0 114 131 87.03 8
West 4 1 3 0 85 120 70.83 4


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