2016 schedule


Date Event Venue  
Thu 12 May Kenguru Cup Round 1 Voldsløkka, Oslo
Thu 26 May ‘No Aussies game’ Oslo v Ås Voldsløkka, Oslo
Thu 2 June Kenguru Cup Round 2 Ås
Sat 11 June Sweden Cup Nortalje, Sweden
Thu 23 June Kenguru Cup Round 3 Voldsløkka, Oslo
Thu 4 Aug Kenguru Cup Round 4 Voldsløkka, Oslo
Thu 1 Sep Kenguru Cup Round 5 Ås
Sat 10 Sep Kenguru Cup Grand Final Voldsløkka, Oslo
Sat 17 Sep Norway v The World Voldsløkka, Oslo
Sat 30 Sep AFL Grand Final, End of season party Oslo
Sat 8 Oct AFL Europe: 2015 Axios Euro Cup Lisbon, Portugal


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