About us

About the Oslo Crows and Australsk Fotball Norge


The goal of Australsk Fotball Norge and the Oslo Crows is to grow the game of Australian football in Oslo and Norway, and introduce as many Norwegians as possible to the great game of Australsk fotball. 

Australsk fotball Norge is an affiliate member of AFL Europe, and in 2012 we are working to recruit more Norwegian players and teach them the game. The Oslo Crows team is looking to grow local participation, defend our AFL Sweden West Premiership and to perform at our best in the international games our players play for Norway.afl-europe
Australsk fotball norge has a long term goal of having Australian football recognised as an official sport in Norway, in order to provide funds for our activities.

The Oslo Crows train every week from the earliest possible point (eg proper snow and ice melt date). We train Thursday nights at Voldsløkka with each training session containing skills/learning and competitive game action. Although Australian football is predominantly a male sport, anyone is welcome to join training with us and learn the game.

We play regular games against Ås in Norway, and against Goteborg and Karlstad in the AFL West Sweden competition. These games are played in a 9 versus 9 format, on a reduced size pitch. These conditions allow new players to have a better opportunity to learn, and allow for more games.
At least once each year we organise an international friendly match, with the past three being against Sweden, Finland and Iceland.
Our home ground is Ekebergsletta in Oslo, and our training ground is at Voldsløkka.
Finally, we are a social team! Australian football is supposed to be an enjoyable, shared social experience. Throughout the season we arrange BBQs and other social events together. Everyone is welcome, particular people who have not played before.


The Oslo Crows were formed in the mid 2000s by Australians living in Oslo who were keen to show their native sport to Norway.

The team, originally called the Oslo Trolls, was built on a ‘word of mouth’ basis with the founders inviting their friends and workmates to come try this new game. Once a small group (a mix of Australians, Norwegians and some from other countries) formed they began to have the occassional practice in Vigelands Park in Frogner.
After some informal games in Norway and a first ever home game against Karlstad, the trolls were ready to grow again.
In 2009 players from Oslo, Ås and Tromsø accepted an invitation from Sweden to play Norway’s first ever international game, in Karlstad.
The game was a full 18 on 18 game on a full size ground. It was a great day for Australian football in Norway as the Norwegian team beat the Swedes by a comfortable margin.

The success of our first international led to further growth for the 2010 season. We received a donation of some new playing shirts (called jumpers or gurnseys in Australian football) from the Adelaide Crows football club in Australia.

To make a clean distinction between the Oslo team and the Norwegian national team (the Norway Trolls), the Oslo Trolls became the Oslo Crows.

By the end of 2010, the club had more participants than ever before, new equipment and a growing range of online channels to promote our sport. Our games against the Swedish teams were competitive and we won several matches.

2011 was a great success for Australian football in Oslo and Norway.

The Oslo Crows won the AFL Sweden West Premiership, we welcomed new Norwegian players to the squad and taught them the game, and our rivalry with the team in Ås continued to grow. Our game against Goteborg in Oslo received media coverage (more coverage here), and our international against Iceland was featured on the popular Golden Goal TV show.

This exposure created great awareness and new interest in the game. Read a summary of 2011 på norsk

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