Sherrin-Kangaroo-Brand  The Footy Specialists Our training and game footballs are Sherrin footballs from The Footy Specialists in Melbourne
219538_1_S  AFL Europe is the Australian Football League`s office in Europe, and the governing body of Australian football in Europe
Hart Sport Our training equipment supplier, Hart Sport Australia
Oslo Crows Flickr Pics from training, games and internationals
Oslo Crows Twitter The official twitter account of the Oslo Crows
Where we train Map of our training ground, Voldsløkka
Where we play Map of our home ground, Ekeberg Camping
Ås Battlers Official site of our Kenguru Cup rivals the Aas Battlers
Australsk fotball – Wikipedia (norsk) Australian football explained
Australian football – Wikipedia Australian Football explained
AFL Official website, Australian Football League
World Footy News Australian football around the world
AFL Sweden The official body for Australian Football in Sweden
Adelaide Crows Official website of the Adelaide Crows.

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