Australian football

Australian Football explained

There are many names for Australian Football …

Footy. Aussie rules. Australian Rules Football. Australsk fotball.

Australian football is a unique team sport invented in Australia that combines the best parts of many sports. It is not a form of rugby, or related to rugby. Its official rules were established in 1858, five years before the offical rules of football (soccer) were created.

It was first played in Melbourne the 1850s, and some historians believe it is related to a game indigenous Australians played for hundreds of years beforehand called Marn Grook.

The game combines the best of football(soccer), handball, baskbetball, rugby, and many other sports. It is fast, free-flowing, multi-directional and multi-skilled. The ball is a similar shape to a rugby ball or an American football, but the sport is very different!

The main activities within a game are kicking, catching, passing and moving the ball. Players can touch the ball with any part of their body, run with it, bounce it, and travel in any direction. The ultimate object of the game is to kick the football through two upright posts at the end of the field.

Players can also tackle another player (if that player has the ball), bump, and contest with their opponents for the ball.

Gary Ablett playing for Geelong

Australian football is a physical, contact sport that requires strength and courage, but it is not mindlessly violent. The rules, umpires and even your teammates are there to protect you, and the more violent aspects of the sport (the things you have probably seen on youtube) have been eradicated over the last 20 years.

The idea of Australian football having a very high injury-rate is also false. The amount and seriousness of injuries in Australian football is very comparable to other sports like football (soccer).

Australian football or Australsk fotball is a unique, very exciting and fastsport, and new players are always welcome at the Oslo Crows! We have taught many players the game and some of them have gone on to play for Norway. Our Australian-born players are always looking to help newcomers learn how to play our great game.

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