Norway footy jumpers for Euro Cup!

Which ones should we wear. Vote A or B! … [Read more...]

Where we train

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First kick for 2012!

Voldslokka is finally back in useable condition! It's time to get out and have a kick. It'll be an easy night - just a bit of a run around. Bring your buddies - we are ready to teach first timers the game! RSVP on facebook - … [Read more...]

Teaching the Australian game to the students of Ski

Amund and Adam O had a great session today teaching Australsk fotball to some high school students out in Ski. The session was a big success, and everyone apparently picked up the skills quickly. After the necessary skills work, the guys umpired a game for the class. The teams insisted on abandoning the 'touch football' rules during the course of the game... Apparently Amund have already been asked when we can come back to the school and teach the game to more classes, and the school is investigating how to get its hands on a bag of footies. Great work boys. This is just the start! … [Read more...]