2010 Oslo Crows season summary

So that is that. Four very different matches and one international behind us, season 2010 is consigned to the record books. Here are some of my thougts. Results - Two wins against Karlstad (the first was a regulation win on a pretty awful day for footy in Oslo, the second being some of the best footy we played all year) - A valiant loss to a strong Goteborg team in Goteborg. A loss, but one that showed character - A very competitive game in Oslo against Goteborg in early September. Could so easily have been a win. A huge improvement on our first effort against them. - A hard fought win for Norway over Finland (and a top weekend in Helsinki too) Two wins, two losses for Oslo. With … [Read more...]

Match report – Finland v Norway

Match report Finland v Norway 17 July 2010, Salo, Finland I’m on a plane to France and have time to kill, so here comes a super super comprehensive match report on our magnificent win in Finland (read on after the slideshow...). Growing a foreign game in a small, inward-focussed market like Norway is not easy. With no support from government, no money, no awareness, no proper facilities and no full or even part time resources, football relies on the time, money and commitment of a small group of people who really believe in it and want it to survive, succeed and prosper. There will always be times when things aren’t going great and the people putting in this effort wonder if it … [Read more...]

Oslo @ Goteborg 2010

Football is a strange game. Our first loss as the Oslo Crows and the first loss by a Norwegian team in quite a while actually almost felt like a win. It sounds like loser-talk to say that, but there really were a lot of positives to come out of that game of footy. We played a team who have been training twice a week since February, had 25 players to choose from on the day, had several Australian-born players (like us), and didn't have to drive four hours to get to the game. And for much of that game, we matched them. … [Read more...]

World Footy News talks about the Crows

International Australian Football site World Footy News has caught word about the Crows and published a story about us. Check it out at the following link - http://www.worldfootynews.com/article.php/20100409163818257 … [Read more...]