En seier hver – Alt avgjøres i siste runde

I den fjerde runden av Kenguru Cup fikk hvert av lagene en seier. Dermed er det fortsatt kun målforskjellen som skiller Ås og Oslo East på toppen av tabellen. … [Read more...]

Two wins for East, heartbreak for West, Ås stay on top

Check out the full gallery of pics from round 3 Round 3 of the 2013 Kenguru Cup was without question the highest quality Australian football ever played on Norwegian soil. Three constantly improving teams - Oslo East, Oslo West and Ås, squared off in front of a modest crowd at Storebrand Stadion, and showed just how far Australian football has progressed in a short time. Ladder leaders Ås were desperate to retain their stranglehold on the competition, and two wins from their two games would put breathing space between them and Oslo East. They approached their first game with Oslo West with strong intent, and simply beat West to the ball. They wanted it more, and it showed. West's … [Read more...]

Ås dominates Kenguru Cup Round 2

The UMBI Ås Battlers have shot to the top of the Kenguru Cup table after two emphatic wins in the second round of the Kenguru Cup. The Battlers sit one game clear on top of the ladder after putting both Oslo East and Oslo West to the sword at Storebrand stadion. Heavy rain the day before the matches didn't disturb the playing surface  - in fact the rain took the hardness out of the ground -  creating perfect conditions for australsk fotball. The first match of the night saw Ås do battle with Oslo East, but as far as battles go, this one was over early. After a goal each to start proceedings, the home team piled on one six pointer after another, in a burst that put the game out of … [Read more...]

Our Swedish Cup story

By Tor Ivar Amundsen The Crows came into this tournament with lots of spirit and high hopes to do better than last year. As many remember, last year the Stockholm weather showed us the worst June day since 1904 and they cancelled the tournament after 3 games. That day the Crows lost 2 and won the last. This year we had perfect conditions, sunny and only a light wind that didn't have any impact on the play. The Crows lineup was a mixed team assembled by Oslo Crows, Ås Battlers and Bergen Bears, and it had never played a game as one team before which made us a little uncertain on what we could expect of ourselves. We started our first game against Södermalm which everyone had as … [Read more...]