Vil du spille for Norges første landslag i Euro Cup i Australsk Fotball?

Hei alle sammen, Vi har jo spilt før som et "norsk" landslag i Island, Finland og Sverige de siste tre årene. 3 seier fra 3 kamper og de var kjempeseier! Men nå har tiden kommet der vi trenger bare de ekte nordmennene til å stå opp og representere deres land selv...uten hjelp fra de aussies! På den 22. september 2012 skal Euro Cupen i Australsk fotball holdes i Edinburgh, Skotland og vi skal håoentligvis bli med! Hvis du ikke visste, de fleste landene i Europa spiller australsk fotball og det pleier å være enten en 9-pr-lag eller en 18-pr-lag "Euro" turnering hvert år. I 2010, var det en "European Championships" (18 spillere) i Sverige/Danmark der Irland slo Danmark i finalen … [Read more...]

Alt for Norge! Norway defeat Iceland in first Australian football game between the two nations

Pre game

(All photos of the game are courtesy of Haukur Þór Lúðvíksson)I’m hunched in a tiny Iceland Air economy seat at 39000 feet. My legs are like creaky wooden planks, my elbows and knees are bruised and I am tired to the point of dribbling on myself. There are dried white clumps of mud from the blue lagoon pasted all over my sunglasses.Where do you start when describing a weekend like that? Australian football is a game that until recently was confined to a very localised area of the world. Growing up with they game, you learn as a kid, play at the oval down the street and as you get older, maybe drive across town to take on teams from the other suburbs. It felt exotic to play on the other side … [Read more...]

Team for Iceland v Norway announced!

Midfield superstar and AFL Norge board member Adam Pearce has announced the squad for the huge international friendly between Iceland and the mighty Norway Trolls on September 10. His note to the team is below...If you are playing, read the instructions on providing flight info to Adam... It's not too late for Norwegian-born players to join in. Tell us ASAP if you want to join! Here is Adam's note! Hello all, Just some latest info about Iceland.... I think we have pretty much finalised the numbers for Iceland (apart from Anette who is still sorting out with work if she can make it or not)... 1. Nathan Roxby 2. David Stone 3. Adam Pearce 4. Rene Damborg Jensen 5. Andreas … [Read more...]

2010 Oslo Crows season summary

So that is that. Four very different matches and one international behind us, season 2010 is consigned to the record books. Here are some of my thougts. Results - Two wins against Karlstad (the first was a regulation win on a pretty awful day for footy in Oslo, the second being some of the best footy we played all year) - A valiant loss to a strong Goteborg team in Goteborg. A loss, but one that showed character - A very competitive game in Oslo against Goteborg in early September. Could so easily have been a win. A huge improvement on our first effort against them. - A hard fought win for Norway over Finland (and a top weekend in Helsinki too) Two wins, two losses for Oslo. With … [Read more...]